Sawmill & Woodland products

The sawmill based at Heath Farm in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds is a small, friendly sawmill. Drop your timber off with us (we have a lifting crane to unload) and we'll mill it to your specifications. We also have Coppice Products For Thatchers and Gardeners and our homegrown nuts and nut oils.

We offer:

Rough sawn timber

Cut to order (both hard and soft wood)for such uses as: Roofing timbers, Beams, Sleepers, Cladding

Please call or email to arrange drop off.

Timber must be free of any metal*

* a charge of £50 will be applied for broken blades caused by contact with metal within the wood. 


We supply firewood for locals from £100 per Van load (approx 1/2 ton)

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Woodland Produce

We harvest Hazel from our coppice which is used by local gardeners for bean poles & pea sticks, the hazel is also used for stakes & binder for hedge laying.

Walnuts & Hazelnuts

We grow and sell Walnuts & Hazelnuts which can be bought on site or sent mail order. We also produce amazing Walnut & Hazelnut oils. All available seasonally.